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Express Lunch

Our Express Lunch is a service that we have developed after many requests from patrons who love our food but are sometimes too pressed for time to enjoy it at lunchtime!

Many of our lunchtime regulars would love to have something to eat, but because they have to get away for one reason or another, the ordering and preparation time for their meal after they have ordered in the pub leaves them little time to enjoy it.

To cater for these customers we offer an express lunch service, where customers can pre-order and prepay for their meal, so that when they arrive their meal will be ready and they can enjoy  the meal of their choice at a more leisurely pace!

If you are on a limited lunch break, just let us know by phone when you will be arriving for lunch, what you want and we will prepare the meal for you so that it is ready for you when you arrive. Please call us at least 30 minutes before you need your meal to be served.